Incline Trainers

Incline Trainers Can Turbocharge Your Workouts

Whether you call them incline trainers or incline treadmills these machines can supercharge your workouts and get you fast results. If you want to get more out of each workout and burn more calories in less time then incline trainers are worth a closer look.

Incline trainers are treadmills that offer a steep incline. While most treadmills offer 10-12% incline many incline trainers go to a 40% incline.

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know who Jillian Michaels is. As a personal trainer getting fast results for your clients is important to help keep them motivated. That’s why she is a big advocate of incline treadmills and has teamed up with Nordictrack to develop the Nordictrack x7i incline trainer .

Treadmills have been shown to be the most efficient exercise machine when it comes to burning calories which is why they are so popular. Incline training takes burning calories to a whole other level.

Even at a slow 2 mph on a 25% incline you will burn 3 times more calories than walking on a level surface. By increasing the incline to 40% you’re now burning 5 times the calories.

Incline Trainers Offer A Zero Impact Workout

Incline Trainers - Jillian Michaels TreadmillAnother great advantage of incline training is that it is low impact. Since all you have to do is walk there is less stress on your joints.

If your joints have been giving you problems running or jogging on a regular treadmill you may want to switch to an incline trainer.

You will be able to use an incline trainer and put much less stress on your joints while still getting a great workout. Because it is virtually zero impact you can work out longer and achieve better results in less time.

If you are just starting an exercise program you can begin at no or low incline and increase it as your fitness level improves. An incline trainer will be able to grow with you and accommodate your fitness needs.

If you are thinking about purchasing a treadmill and want faster results or have knee or joint problems that are holding you back Sale On Treadmills recommends giving serious consideration to incline trainers.

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