Cheap Treadmills Under 300

Finding Cheap Treadmills Under 300 Is Definitely A Challenge

Looking for cheap treadmills under 300? Finding a treadmill under 300 is not easy but we did manage to find one while hunting for a sale on treadmills.

Treadmills are probably the most popular piece of home exercise equipment and there are many advantages to owning one.

First, not everyone wants to be or look like a body builder. Some folks just want to stay trim. Treadmills are ideal for this and studies show that treadmills burn more calories than elliptical trainers or exercise bikes.

Owning a treadmill can help you stay fit year round. They are especially handy during the winter months when instead of running in the rain and snow you can run indoors.

Another advantage is that they can save you time and money running to the gym and while you’re at home on your treadmill you can still spend time with family members.

Cheap Treadmills Under 300 – Quality Concerns

Despite all their good points treadmills can be expensive and finding cheap treadmills under 300 is not easy unless you are willing to settle for a manual treadmill.

Quality is a big concern for treadmills under 300 too. Since most treadmills cost $600 dollars or more there is good reason to be cautious about buying treadmills for under 300 that will turn out to be worthless piles of junk. We did some digging and we found one treadmill under 300 that we felt was  worth taking a closer look at.

The Best Treadmill Under 300 Is The Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill

Cheap Treadmills Under 300 - Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill

Because we had concerns about the quality of cheap treadmills under 300 we wanted to make sure the only thing that was cheap was the price and not the treadmill itself. So for starters a good warranty was one of the first things we looked for.

The Merit 715t Treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the frame, 1 year on the motor and 90 days on parts and labor. No ta great warranty but not that bad either.

To be sure the Merit 715t Plus Treadmill is a stripped down bare bones electric treadmill. But do you really need a built-in sound system or built-in TV? The whole idea of buying  cheap treadmills under 300 dollars is to provide yourself with a basic exercise machine and not a media center.

The Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill does fold for convenience and to save space when not in use. And for the technologically challenged the console interface is simple to use while providing your time, speed, distance and calories which really is all you need.

Customer reviews on Amazon are mixed on the Merit 715t Treadmill with over half being 4 or 5 star. There are some very satisfied users and there are some that have had problems with these machines breaking down too so the jury is still out on the Merit Fitness 715t Plus Folding Treadmill.

Unfortunately people are very excited with a new purchase and often give glowing reviews. Three months later when the thing dies they are probably too embarrassed to update their review. We suspect this is the case with this treadmill.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t need a lot of fancy frills the Merit 715t Treadmill might be an OK purchase providing you want a light duty  treadmill to get started on and plan on upgrading in the future.

The only real advantage we see to buying cheap treadmills under 300 is that if your fitness plans fall by the wayside you will have not invested in an expensive cloths rack. Read our full Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill Review.

This was the best treadmill under 300 we could find, but there just isn’t a lot available at this price. If you are concerned about the Merit Fitness 715t Plus Treadmill breaking down (good chance) you might want to consider purchasing a second hand treadmill. This will allow you to buy an initially higher priced unit with a more uniform track record.

This treadmill would only be good for light duty workouts that involve walking. Running would put undue strain on the already small motor and the treadbelt area is really too short. If you exercise outdoors keeping a cheap treadmill under 300 on hand for intermittent use on really bad weather days might make sense.

We don’t think the Merit Fitness 715t plus treadmill is really worth considering because of  its limitations. If you are only in the market for cheap treadmills under 300 we recommend finding a good used treadmill or buying a gym membership.